'The Chronicles of Thamnos' is the name of the original, fictional universe.
The tales are shared through the music and lyrical content on Thamnos' albums, where every particular song is a chapter.
Due to the fact that the tales are directly linked together, the content of the lore is growing with the release of every new album.
On this page, you can learn about every particular part of the lore including all the events, characters, and locations

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The Rune of Thamnos


The Thamnos Cross

Isle of Hollow Souls

Year: 1400 ANR

About the album

'Isle of Hollow Souls' is the second album and the first LP from the project Thamnos. It is kept in the Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal style. The story takes place in the original universe called 'The Chronicles of Thamnos'

plot summary

The plot in the album focuses on the desolate journey of a man, who is stuck on an abandoned island after his ship crashes in a storm caused by a rare event called ‘The Eternal Night’. He is forced to live a life of solitude, with the remnants of hope that he is not completely alone.
Throughout his journey, he begins to contemplate this life of loneliness, going deeper into the island. Eventually, he discovers what he has desired to find the most. However, it was not exactly the way he imagined it.

The Eternal Night is a rare phenomenon that occurs once every 100 years.The name comes from the fact that the sun gets covered by the moon, creating an eclipse that can last even for a month. The eclipse covers almost the entire sun, making the day almost as dark as the night.Only the wise men know that the event is caused by the preternatural beings who wake up every 100 years. The secret was kept in a book hidden in the library of the 'Shrine of Cerberus'.The mysterious beings have the power to change the weather and grant the wishes of people who acknowledge them. Whatever the person wishes for, however, has to be paid back with something else.

The music video for 'Chpt. I: When the Azure Meets Pitch Black'
Maalak drowns in the ocean waiting for his demise, but a mysterious being shows up to save him.

The music video for 'Chpt. V: Married to the Silence'
Maalak goes through a huge city, which turns out to be completely empty.


'Isle of Hollow Souls' depicts the Eternal Night that happens in the year 1400 After Night of the Raven. The event forced the appearance of different anomalies such as rain, thunder, snow, etc. The storm that appeared on the ocean caused the nearby galleon to crash. The only person to survive the crash was a man named Maalak.Maalak wakes up on the abandoned island, trying to understand what happened. When he finally realizes that he's stuck on an island far from home and that all of his crew is dead, he starts to mourn his friends trying to get used to the solitude he has to live in from now on.The man, however, doesn't lose hope. He proceeds to go deeper into the island to find other living beings. Eventually, he finds a building - The Shrine of Cerberus, however, it was empty and almost completely destroyed.Going even deeper, he notices huge structures on the horizon. When he comes closer, a big city appears. Filled with optimism Maalak enters the city hoping to find some other people, but with no result.The city was completely empty and full of scattered rubble. At the exit of the city, Maalak sees a blurry, hooded person with blood all over his hands and face. The man decides to pass through it because it appears to be only the figment of his imagination.When Maalak leaves the city, he wanders through the suburbs and fields eventually noticing a crying woman on a road. The man approaches the girl with the intent to ask what happened and why there is nobody besides her.The woman appears to be crying with blood. Her eyes turn black and gaze right into the soul of the main character. Maalak loses his consciousness and inside of his mind, he meets the obscure being he saw in the city. He learns that it is the same creature that saved him from drowning in the ocean. The being reaches out his hand towards Maalak, and when their hands touch, the man's arms start burning.Maalak learns that the being is none other than himself from the future and that the girl is called Araya. She was cursed after the previous 'Eternal Night' during which she decided to sacrifice herself for her own good. The girl gained the power to kill everybody on the island in order to get her revenge for what the people did to her. However, she is cursed to stay on the island alone, waiting for the next 'Eternal Night' to meet the second lonely person - Maalak. The man's destiny leads to this very moment.Maalak wakes up with blood streaming from his eyes and hands, finally understanding that he became a demon, cursed to stay on the island forever, with Araya as his only companion.

The music video for 'Chpt. III: Rite of Becoming'
Maalak wanders through the forest, thinking about his deseased friends.

The music video for 'Chpt. VI: Devils May Cry'
Maalak meets the demon woman - Araya.



Maalak is the main character of the 'Isle of Hollow Souls' story. He is an adventurer who went on a voyage with hundreds of other men. After a long journey, they encountered 'The Eternal Night' which changed their plans into a nightmare. Everybody died in a storm except Maalak.The man found himself on an abandoned island with nobody around and decided to search for other people, but to no success.After a long roam, he met a crying girl Araya who turned out to be a demon, a person cursed during the previous 'Eternal NIght'.The woman turned Maalak into a similar being so that they do not have to be alone on the island and can spend the rest of eternity together.


Araya is the only person that Maalak meets during his exile. The girl is a demon who once was an ordinary human being.About a hundred years before the events of 'Isle of Hollow Souls', the island was inhabited by thousands of people, including Araya. The girl was an orphan who struggled to find love and companionship. She was raised and brought up by people who turned their backs against her, which ultimately led to a lot of suffering.Araya learned about 'The Eternal Night' from a book found in the Shrine of Cerberus. The girl decided to wait for the event in order to ask the godly beings for abilities that she would use to get revenge on the people. When the event occurred, Araya was granted power in exchange for eternal life in loneliness. The girl slaughtered all the people and was left completely alone.The only way she could find a companion was to wait for the next 'Eternal Night' when she would curse yet another person. This person happened to be Maalak.

The Isle of Hollow Souls is an island laying in the middle of the ocean. It is surrounded by tall rocks protruding from the waters. The land can be seen having a varied shape - there are mountains, valleys, rivers, and forests.The island is officially known as 'Cerberea' thanks to the Cerberus monastery that lived here. However, after the events of the story, the main character Maalak renames it to 'Isle of Hollow Souls' because the only beings that remain on this land are Araya and himself - the eternal, weeping demons whose souls are emptied out by loss and loneliness.


The city of Kamorr

Kamorr is a huge city located on the Isle of Hollow Souls. The city was once inhabited by thousands of people, however, Araya murdered all of them during 'The Eternal Night'.At a time when the city was prospering, there were hundreds of houses, shops, and stalls. After the devastation, all of the buildings started to fall apart.

The shrine of cerberus

One of the most important landmarks on the Isle of Hollow Souls is the Shrine of Cerberus.The huge temple was once used by the Cerberus monastery as their home and place of worship. The shrine consists of different rooms such as the dining hall, chambers, and a library.The monastery had a huge collection of mythical books in their possession, including the one describing 'The Eternal Night'. The book was later stolen by Araya and used to her own advantage.During 'The Eternal Night', Araya slaughtered all the people on the island, including the Cerberus Monks. After the event, the shrine slowly started to decay and deteriorate.The shrine's gates were enormous and decorated with many ornaments. The purpose of the door was to symbolize the Cerberus - the mythical, three-headed dog, and the most wonderful gate-keeper in history. However, when the shrine started to fall apart, the gates detached and fell down.

Night of the Raven

Year: 0 ANR

plot summary

Demonic goddess Raven manages to break free from her preternatural cage that was made by her brother, the almighty god Thamnos. Guided with rage cumulated after centuries in exile, the demon sends her 'children' to slaughter all of humankind. A man named Khorviir gets savaged by the bloodthirsty ravens. He feels sorry for his beautiful hometown Davriss when he sees that it is getting completely destroyed. When passing away, his life is being brought back by Thamnos to help him put his sister back into the cage once and for all.
The event marks the beginning of the calendar. It is the Year Zero of the ANR (After Night of the Raven) Epoch.

About the album

'Night of the Raven' is a Folk/Melodic Death Metal EP - The debut album from the project Thamnos. It is an introduction to the original universe called 'The Chronicles of Thamnos' and tells the story of the most important event that occurred in it.


When Raven, the goddess of death and night, and the mother of all the ravens finally breaks free from her preternatural cage, all the world turns into chaos. The cage was made by her brother - the almighty god of life, light, and nature Thamnos, to imprison her.During the event, people can experience different anomalies such as red stars in the sky, loud bird screams, and the flutter of wings. All of those signs preach Night of the Raven - the night when the demonic goddess breaks free.When she escapes, The goddess sends her children to kill all of humankind.When the main character gets attacked by the bloodthirsty ravens, he falls down below the tree. The man can see his homeland burn to ashes and people running away in pain and fear. His world is falling apart.Khorviir lays down below the tree when the birds savage his body and eat him alive. However, the pain stops after a while as he feels some unknown power growing inside of him.When the main character lays on the ground, he slowly starts to lose consciousness, finally passing away. The power inside of him, however, gets stronger as Thamnos takes control. Khorviir gets resurrected to fulfill his last mission - he is lead to finish the chaos once and for all. The man confronts Raven and imprisons her in the cage once again. After the fight, Khorviir dies when his body is left by Thamnos.The man posthumously becomes the greatest hero of all time and the event marks the beginning of the new era - the ANR epoch (After Night of the Raven).

Night of the Raven is an event that marks the beginning of the ANR (After Night of the Raven) epoch. The event is considered one of the most important in the history of the world.The demonic goddess and a sister of the god Thamnos, breaks free from her preternatural cage in order to wreak havoc and destroy humankind. After some time, one of the fallen people - Khorviir, gets resurrected by Thamnos to catch Raven and imprison her once again.

Khorviir / Thamnos

Khorviir is an ordinary male civilian who lives in Davriss. He leads a typical life up until the Night of the Raven. During the aforementioned event, he is killed by the birds.After his death, Khorviir is resurrected by the almighty god Thamnos and used as a vessel to defeat his sister Raven.When the objective is complete, Khorviir eventually dies when his body is left by Thamnos.The man posthumously becomes one of the greatest legendary heroes in the world.



Raven is a demonic goddess of death and night. She is the mother of all ravens and sister of the god Thamnos.The goddess was kept locked down in a cage by her brother for being a threat to his beloved people. After a long time, however, she manages to break free to wreak havoc.She destroys a huge part of mankind which has to be retrieved with time. Raven is eventually stopped by Thamnos, who used a man called Khorviir as his vessel.


The city of Davriss

Davriss is a small city inhabited by roughly a thousand people. The city is located in the valley surrounded by mountains and forests, including the Cage Mountain on which the battle with Raven takes place. In the middle of the city, there is a river running with its source on top of the mountains. Life in the city is peaceful up until the Night of the Raven.

The cage mountain

Near the City of Davriss there is a mountain, known for storing the mythical 'cage' in which the demonic goddess Raven is imprisoned.The legend says that the god Thamnos placed the cage on the peak of this mountain in order to keep it away from the people. Before the events of the 'Night of the Raven', it was considered a myth and almost nobody believed that the cage actually exists. It was, however, a place of cult, and some people were using it for religious purposes.When the Night of the Raven was happening, Khorviir, one of the inhabitants of Davriss was being killed by the ravens on this exact mountain. Later on, when Thamnos resurrected Khorviir, the mountain was used as a battleground where the clash against Raven took place.

Davriss is a city in which the action of the 'Night of the Raven' takes place. The city is home to the main character of the story - Khorviir. It is also known for being located below the 'Cage Mountain' which stores the mythical 'cage' in which the demonic goddess Raven is imprisoned.The life in the city is ordinary up until the 'Night of the Raven'. Near this city, the clash between Khorviir/Thamnos and Raven takes place. Most of the city's inhabitants tragically die during this event.